Will It Make You A Great Runner?

Can we not only just ask the question “What’s wrong with it?”, but “Will it make you a great runner?” Will it make all your mind and all your heart and all your love to be so devoted to Jesus that nothing will stop you from maximally running, maximally quick, and finish the race?

The question isn’t “What’s wrong with it?”; the question is, “Will it help you run?” So I don’t think the issue is merely, “What’s the lowest standard we can possibly find – what’s cheating? We wont cheat! We’ll carry dumbbells, we’ll wear overcoats while we run, but we wont cheat!” That’s crazy! Don’t live your life like that. So many people just try to figure out the lowest standard possible to be a Christian. That’s just insane if you know Jesus.

John Piper, “Sorrowful Love Springs From Serious Joy”

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