Prone To Wander

It is amazing how quickly my heart can change from joy and praise into grumbling and discontentment.

Earlier today, I was helping at a church event – a celebration for Easter geared toward the community, with carnival games, food, and free haircuts, among other things. When I arrived at the gathering, I marveled at how God is faithful and gracious even in responding to prayers for the weather. I was grateful for how He brought so many families from around the area to come and be a part of this celebration. As the time went by, I unintentionally found myself helping (again) at the game booths, where I stayed for the next three hours. Due to the rush and busyness of the games, I did not allow myself a break for food or to just chill, and grew weary and impatient. The end finally came, things began to wrap up, and by then I was grumbling in my heart and in my countenance. Later (after eating and decompressing for a bit), the Spirit convicted me of my impatient and complaining attitude.

How quickly my sinful heart can get distracted, blinded to God’s goodness, considering only my wants and needs. May God be gracious to my selfish heart and feeble body, and may the day come quick when my sins would be ended permanently. Lord, even in my sin you are still good to me, far beyond what I deserve. Strengthen my heart to see your grace, even in the midst of my weakness.

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